He still has to be polished but Walide Khyar is already a a diamond that is all abloom and shines the mats. Born on June 9th, 1995, near Paris, the Frenchman looks like his Judo : joyful and very playful. He is, most of all, highly talented and many already paid the price.

Background : January 2016, Walide Khyar is a young Judoka. We promise him a brilliant future but he expresses a preference to intensively live the present. U21 European champion (3rd in 2014) and U21 World bronze medallist in 2015, he is over the 50th place in the World ranking. And, in France, he is considered as the n°3 in his weight division (-60 kg).

In a 6 months time, he gets everybody on board ! 3rd of the Paris Grand Slam in February, after a 1st podium in Qingdao at the end of 2015, he wins the draft for the European championships in April. Guess the outcome ?… He blows up everything and everybody ! In the final, he allows himself the luxury of beating Azerbaijan Safarov by Ippon (with Ura-Nage) while he was led.

Walide Khyar is Senior European champion at only 20 years old ! In the aftermath, he gets to the Masters ½ final. At the end of May, he is ranked in the World Top 20, which qualifies him to the Olympic Games !

But, in Rio, in August, his fiery and attacking Judo betrays him. Whereas he is leading against Brazilian Kitadai and a few seconds are remaining, he launches an attack the way he loves them. But he is doubled by his opponent ! His 1st Olympic Games end at the 2nd round. But the adidas Team member is committed to following through on it. In 2020, in Tokyo, he will be 25 years old. He will also have already lived the Games once, a great experience, a tremendous asset up his sleeves…