That’s an expression but it perfectly suits Toma Nikiforov : the Belgian champion fell in when he was a little child. In means Judo. He is only 3 years old when he wears a Kimono for the 1st time. His father Nickolay, who is a long-time licensed Judoka, settles his family right above a Dojo, the Royal Crossing Club Schaerbeeck one. The Nikiforov are going to move several times but never further than 100 m of the Dojo.

In the wake of his father, 3 times national champion, Toma Nikiforov, who was born on January 25th, 1993, quickly distinguishes himself in competition. Belgium champion as soon as the U15, he also shines at the international level by winning a silver medal at the U17 World and European championships in 2009. In the Junior division, Toma keeps scoring. He wins 3 European medals before getting the Bronze at the U21 World in 2013.

At 21 years old, in 2014, he wins his 1st Grand-Prix (La Havana). The following year, he keeps succeeding by winning Gold at the Military World Games and most of all, 3 Bronze beautiful medals (-100 kg) at the World championships in Astana, at the European Games in Baku and at the Masters in Rabat in 2015.

Our man is on his way. In Spring2016, he is going through a new step by ranking 2nd at the European championships. When he comes to Rio for the Olympics, he appears in the World Top 10.

In the Games, Toma Nikiforov is beaten in the 2nd round by Georgian Beka Gviniashvili. He is deeply disappointed. But he gets through it and wins the Dusseldorf Grand-Prix in February 2017. The Team adidas member, in Summer 2017, is a 16 times international tournaments medallist in Senior division, including 5 victories. At 24 years old, Toma Nikiforov is undoubtedly going to make some other serious moves…