Sofiane Oumiha

Boxe - Sofiane Oumiha : « Je dois gagner une médaille à chaque tournoi »

In Toulouse, not only the grandmas love the rumble, as Claude Nougaro liked to sing it in his ode to the Pink City. There is also Sofiane Oumiha, « the maestro » (his nickname) of a thought, technical and precise rumble : Boxing. He has been excelling in it since the age of 7. He was 9 when he first fought in the ring and finished 2nd at the Nationals. He then remained unbeaten for eight years and won eleven national titles.

The young Frenchman stands out first in 2012 when he took the bronze medal at the World Junior championships while dreaming of the Olympic gold by watching the London Games on TV. Four years later, after ranking 2nd at the European Games in 2015, Sofiane Oumiha (135 lbs) is on the verge of seeing his dream coming true. At the Rio Olympics, at 21 (he is born on December 23rd, 1994), he became Olympic silver medalist, only beaten in the final by Brazil’s Robson Conceiçao. He then decided to continue the adventure in amateurs to collect this Olympic gold in Tokyo in 2020.

A year later, on September 2nd, 2017, in Hamburg, Sofiane Oumiha won the world title by dominating Lazaro Alvarez, 26, one of the gifted boxing Cuban, 2011 World champion in bantamweight, 3rd of the 2012 Olympics and the two-times title holder. He is undefeated since ! On June 30th, 2018, he won his 156th fight (out of 171) to add a new gold line to his records by winning for the second time the Mediterranean Games, after 2013.

His next goal ? The 2019 World championships where he will defend his title and play the Olympic qualification for the Tokyo Olympics, for wich he becomes, day after day, the favorite for gold.


By Ludovic Mauchien