VIP-karate-sara-cardinLoveliness, elegance, grace, succes ! In Karate history, a few female fighters add these four attributes, these four values that would make them Miss Universe Karate. Peric from Serbia and Sobol from Russia belonged to these fairy champions. Nowadays, Italian Sara Cardin, running world champion (-55 kg), has held the beauties banner.

Born in Conegliano, near Trevise, on 1987January 27th, she started to mark her territory in 2005 by winning a Senior national title while she was 18. In 2007, she becomes Juniors European champion. In 2008, she ranks 2nd in Mediterranean Games. It’s in 2010 that she is consecrated in Senior. At 23, she is crowned European champion. A few months later, at the World Championships, she obtains a beautiful silver medal.

Sara Cardin (1,61 m) goes again in final in the 2013 European championships. She then encounters the ultimate consecration in November 2014 in Bremen (Germany). She wins over French woman Emily Thouy in final and becomes World champion !