VIP-KARATE-RAFAEL-AGHAYEVHe is probably the best karateka of all times. Anyway, his records speak for him. Born on March 4th in 1985 in Sunqayit (Azerbaijan), Rafael Aghayev is 4 times world champion (2006 in -70 kg, 2008 in -70 kg et Open, 2010 in -75 kg), which is the record in men’s history, and won 8 European titles between 2004 and 2015.


Quite small (1,68 m), thickset, he uses his size as a weapon. Physically, he is a rock. Mentally, he is an ironman. Technically, he is a bomb. Rafaël Aghayev has no weaknesses. He also has this proclivity to passionate spectators, to concentrate their attention. When he fights, all sights converge on him.

Besides his awesome records, to which we should add his victory in the 1st European Games in June 2015, the Caucasian imp also creates his own style. He loves to provoke, almost snub his opponents. He likes to grap, stick, smiling while scoring, in other words, he likes to tease. Even if, with age going on, he has become wiser.