BJJ-Olivier-MichailescoHe started by Judo. At 8, he wanted to try boxing : Sanda, Muay thaï, Kick-boxing, Savate… Teenager, he tested wrestling. But he always missed something. He found it in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which he started in 1998, with the French pioneers of the Cercle Tissier, in Vincennes (near Paris).

Olivier Michailesco, born June 29th 1980 in Anthony (suburbs of Paris), gets into competition. He finished 5th in the world championships before stopping his athletic career in 2005. He then devotes himself to teaching.

Faithful to his academy, he becomes the BJJ head coach of the Cercle Tissier and is known to be one of the best in France.

In 2012, he received his BJJ 3rd degree from Flavio Behring and Christian Derval (he is also 2nd Dan in Judo). The same year, at 32, he bet to go back to competition. Jackpot ! Olivier Michailesco (1,72 m ; 70 kg) wins the Ne Waza French championship and finishes 3rd in the BJJ European one’s (Master 1, -70 kg). In 2014, he ends 2nd in the European’s. But, most of all, he gives classes to some 300 students and he always wants to question himself about his BJJ’s learnings. ‘Um Mestre !’