Questions about a champion… Who successfully competed at the JKA and WKF championships at the same time ? Who managed to be crowned European Champion in Kata and World Champion in Kumite (WKF) the same year ? Who has won some 500 victories in his career, five World medals including two World champion titles, 14 medals at the European Championships including 9 Golds, 32 national crowns in two different countries ?

In Croatia, a country he fought for from 1999 to 2003, he was known as Jutsko. In Belgium, his native land, he is called Junior, for Gustaff Lefevre. Junior is a senior, a tatami lord. As an athlete, he will remain as the last Samurai, the one to compete both in Kata and Kumite, which is not a coincidence. For him, Karate is one. Kata-Kihon-Kumite is one.

As soon as the age of 16, he participes to the JKA Senior competitions while shining at the WKF cadets’ ones. Two-times European champion Kata+Kumite in 1995 and 1996, he also won the Kumite World championships in 1996. He will also be two-times Juniors European champion before shining in the Seniors division, in -70 kg as in the Open category.

Three-times European champion in 1998 and 1999 (-70 kg + Open), 6 times European bronze medalist, he won 4 medals in 4 World championships ! 3rd in 1996 at only 18 years old, and in 1998, he became World champion in 2000, before finishing on a silver medal in 2002.

Nowadays, 6th Dan, Junior Lefevre spends most of his time teaching and training the under 4 years old to more than the 77 years old, simple students like great champions. He shares his experience and knowledge for the sake of Karate, his passion.


By Ludovic Mauchien