In 2012, two years after her debut at the world-famous New York club, the Gleason’s Gym, Heather Hardy played her first professional fight. She was not yet « the Heat » but she will quickly become it.
In 2013, she took the UBF world title (super-bantamweight). In October 2014, she won the WBC belt, still in super-bantam weight, a title that she still holds.
In August 2016, she won against Shelly Vincent to get the featherweight belt, which she victoriously defended twice since. In 2018, Heather « the Heat » Hardy (5 ft 5in, 122 lbs) is still undefeated after 21 fights, punctuated by 4 KO’s and one no contest. Meanwhile, the New Yorker started a career in MMA and has two wins for a loss at Bellator.