Axel Clerget

Axel Clerget, team adidas

His father is 7th Dan, former member of the French team and professor. His mother is 3rd Dan, his sister 4th Dan and his younger brother 3rd Dan. Axel had no choice ! He had to fall in ! He does it brilliantly very quickly. In 2006, at 19, winner of the U20 European Cup and National champion, he joined the National team with the « golden generation” (Riner, Legrand, Maret…).

In 2007, Axel Clerget plays his first tournament with the Senior French team. In 2009, he is the -81 kg French n°1. In 2011, he won his first Senior competition with the World Cup in Liverpool.

Unselected at the 2012 Olympics, he decides to fight in -90 kg. He will win his very first competition in his new weight class (European Cup in Boras). He also won the bronze medal at the Mediterranean Games in 2013.

Injured in 2014, he came back stronger in 2015. He won two European Cups and a World Cup (Minsk). But he must wait until 2016 to enjoy his 1st success on the IJF World Tour, the Almaty Grand-Prix.

He kept going by a ½ final at the Masters and two lost finals in Abu Dhabi and Tokyo against Serbia’s Kukolj, a win in World Cup and two other lost finals in 2017 in Paris and at the European championships (again against Kukolj).

In 2018, 3rd in Paris and Zagreb, he comes to the Baku World championships in great shape. Axel Clerget will win the -90 kg bronze medal beating Korea’s Gwak and Russia’s Khalmurzaev before losing in ½ final against Cuba’s Silva Morales.

Since then, on his way to Tokyo 2020, his ultimate goal, he got another success on the IJF World Tour at the Tel Aviv Grand Prix in January 2019. It augurs well…


By Ludovic Mauchien