Asma Niang

Asma Niang

Born January 4, 1983

Country: Morocco

Club: US Montreuil (France)

Height: 1.70 m

Category: -70 kg


African champion in 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018

2nd in 2015

3rd in 2012, 2014

3rd of the Mediterranean Games in 2013

3rd of the French championship in 2011

9 podiums including 2 wins on the IJF World Tour


Asma Niang is multiple and unique! At 37, she has known several lives and, more than 15 years after her very first international competition, the Franco-Moroccan is always and still a fighter that we prefer to avoid in the draw.

Born in France, she started to fight under the French colors but, opposed to Gevrise Emane and then Lucie Decosse (!), she will compete under the banner of her parents’ country, Morocco. She has only one idea, one goal, one dream in mind: to compete in the Olympics.

3rd of the Mediterranean Games in 2013, Asma Niang won the 1st of her 4 African champion titles the same year. In 2016, she lived her Olympic dream in Rio. It ends short with a defeat in the 1st round. At 33, she launched a Samurai challenge: to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. 5th in the 2018 Worlds, 3rd in the 2019 Ekaterinburg Grand Slam – her 9th medal in the IJF World Tour-, Asma Niang, Paris firefighter in the civilian sector, is on the verge of winning her crazy bet.


Ludovic Mauchien