Amir Mehdizadeh

adidas combat sports - Karate : Amir Mehdizadeh

In sports, there are athletes who never win, others who boringly win and there are those who win only once in their career. And we have the greatest, « the best of the best », those who shine for their longevity, their will to win, associated with the beauty of art, with a very stylish technique.

The Iranian fighter Amir Mehdizadeh, 29 years old, is one of those karate aesthetes who is remembered through the ages. World champion in 2012 (-60 kg), the native of Qom, where he still trains with his first Sensei, was again crowned in 2016 in Linz. Between, he had won the bronze in 2014, which means winning 3 world medals in a row !

Since his first international success in 2010 (the Austrian Open), the Persian artist has multiplied the gold medals. Two times Asian champion in 2015 and 2017 (3rd in 2011), he also won the Asian Games in 2014. In 2017, he ranked 2nd of the World Games in Wroclaw. That’s the only title he’s missing for the moment, with the Olympic gold medal of course, that he will hopefully target in Tokyo.

By Ludovic Mauchien