Jade Jones, athlete of the year !

Jade Jones adidas

It was expected. It’s now official. The Enghish woman Jade Jones, member of the adidas Team, was elected Athlete of the year 2016 by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Las August, in Rio, « Wonder Woman » won her 2nd consecutive Olympic Gold medal at only 23 years old. She even outstandingly ended 2016 by winning the

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Baku 2016 : 128 champions with adidas

Jade Jones Taekwondo

  This week, Baku hosts the two biggest events of this year’s end, the 2016 Grand-Prix final (December 9th-10th) and the Team World championships (December 12th-13th). The Grand-Prix final will oppose the 128 top Olympic-ranked athletes (16 per category) and will nominate the 2016 circuit winner. The Team World championships (5 fighters + 1 substitute)

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Taekwondo : Why WTF has chosen the adidas KP&P system

« For me, it represents the future »


Competition has been tough for years. Systems come and go tournaments after tournaments. But what are the differences between each ones ? What are their specific characteristics ? How do they work ?

Adidas KP&P system engineers and users explain why WTF has chosen this system to equip the coming international competitions.

By Ludovic Mauchien

Taekwondo : After 17 years, the twice World champion officially retires

Gwladys Epangue : « Gentil, Negrel, Ntep, Hadi, Lopez… »

French Taekwondo team

She was the Last Samurai, the only one who started Taekwondo in the last century. With her halo of successive resurrections, we have even believed that she was eternal.

After 17 years of changing fortunes, 2 world titles, a 3rd place at the Olympic Games, 7 European medals (3 Gold), Gwladys Epangue got back through the mirror. She reflects her mind…


By Ludovic Mauchien


Taekwondo / Rio 2016 : a coach feelings about a silver medal

Mehdi Bensafi : « I will never blame Haby but… »

Mehdi Bensafi

Does a coach feel the same thing than an athlete ? How does he live a victory or a defeat of his champion ? We took the example of the French head coach, Mehdi Bensafi, who lived his 1st Olympic Games.

He was driving, among others, the -67 kg silver medallist, Haby Niare, who, according to him, lost in the final because she didn’t follow his instructions. We offer you to relive the 2 last fights of the 2013 world champion through his eyes…

By Ludovic Mauchien in Rio de Janeiro

Taekwondo : On her way for a 15th international medal

Gwladys Epangue : « I love to win ! It’s good, it’s cool ! »


Gwladys Epangue is a monument. She is also a rock. 16 years after her 1st international medal, 4 years after a tuberculosis which forced her to stop all activities and made her miss the London Games, 8 months after a knee ligament rupture, she is going to fight in her 3rd Olympic Games !

Vice world champion in 2015 (+73 kg), her 1st medal after 3 problematic years, the French woman does not consider herself as one the Olympic tournament’s favourite. In Beijing, in 2008, she took the bronze. In Rio, Gwladys Epangue would have overcome so many hardships that she can only take some good time. And when she has a good timing…

By Ludovic Mauchien

Taekwondo : She is the favourite for Gold in -67 kg

Haby Niare : « I love inventing new techniques »

Denis Sekretev / FFTDA

« Habigator » is hungry. She has not tasted gold since 2013 and her world title (-67 kg). At the Olympic Games, the 2013 world champion is however the one who everybody dreams to eat. French Haby Niare, 23 years old, is the world number 1 and the favourite fighter for the Gold.

Thanks to her unpredictable, impressive and unconventional Taekwondo, the « Scorpion’s kick » creator is capable of any boldness, in order to sting first…

By Ludovic Mauchien

Taekwondo : she goes for an Olympic medal

Yasmina Aziez : « I am a striker at heart »

Yasmina Aziez

Since 2009 and her world bronze medal at 18 years old, Yasmina Aziez is expected is the highest summits. But, between injuries and unfitness, her records look like roller coasters.

Only the even years seem to inspire her. She was vice European champion in 2010, 3rd in 2012, 2nd in 2014. And we are in 2016… Time may have come for her to go up there, in Rio.

By Ludovic Mauchien

Taekwondo : They are sister and brother and they go for gold

The Gulec, an Olympic family


There was Sumeyye, the elder sister, who participated twice to the Olympics (2008 and 2012). There are now Rabia and Tahir. For the 1st time in history, a sister and a brother are going to fight to the Olympic Games (August 17th-20th). And both are legitimately in race for a medal.

Rabia finished 3rd at the 2013 Worlds and is twice European medallist (-67 kg). Tahir was World champion in 2013 and ranked 3rd in 2015 (-80 kg).

By Ludovic Mauchien

Taekwondo : He is the head coach of the Mexican team

Young In Bang : “Only God knows the color”

Mexican team

5th nation in the Taekwondo Olympic history (10 medals, 2 Gold), Mexico will be, once again, very well represented in Rio with 4 athletes. In the footsteps of Maria Espinoza, the 2007 world champion and 2008 Olympic one, it’s an entire nation which will pray God to see « los Tricolores » adorn themselves with a divine gold. The National head coach, Young In Bang, presents his armada, which is the best of the best of 2 millions Taekwondo people.

By Ludovic Mauchien