Karate : 1300 fighters were engaged in Paris last weekend

KARATE – The adidas Open, a must-attend event

KARATE - The adidas Open, a must-attend event

They were 1300 Karatekas on the mats in Paris on October 28th and 29th, from the minime category to the senior one, to fight for the 2017 title of the Adidas Open.

Target of the beginning of the season for the youngest ones, essential step to accumulate experience for the coming good season, the Adidas Open has become, over the years, the unavoidable date of the French karate.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Karate : the Adidas Open, the Youth Worlds… the French head coach has the floor

Karate – Yann Baillon : « The Adidas Open is an important competition »

Karaté - Yann Baillon : « L’Open Adidas est une compétition importante »

More than 1200 competitors, from the Minime to the Senior division ! The Adidas Open (October 28th-29th in Paris) gathers every year all the French Karate family. Sometimes used as a selective step for the National team, often seen as a means for detecting, it became an unavoidable tournament for the future national team members. Yann Baillon, the French head coach, tells us about the stakes of this 2017 edition and the ones of the Cadets-Juniors-U21 World championships which occur at the same time.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : he is the 2016 European champion and the 2017 World bronze medallist

JUDO – Vazha Margvelashvili : « My favourite technique is : attack ! »

JUDO - Vazha Margvelashvili : « Ma technique favorite, c’est l’attaque ! »

En 2016, pour sa première participation, il explose à la face du monde en remportant les Championnats d’Europe de Kazan de fort belle manière. En 2017, pour ses premiers Mondiaux, il fait de nouveau forte impression et s’adjuge la médaille de bronze. A tout juste 24 ans (le 3 octobre), le Géorgien Vazha Margvelashvili (-66 kg) ne fait que commencer à faire parler de lui…


Par Ludovic Mauchien


Judo - Exclusive : He is coming back for the Open weight World Championship !

JUDO – Coming back Ilias Iliadis : « Nothing is impossible » (Exclusive interview)

JUDO - Coming back Ilias Iliadis : « Rien n’est impossible »

Who can weigh 198 lbs, be 5,1 feet tall and cannot wait to fight some 310 lbs babies ? There is only one ! It’s Mister Ilias Iliadis, officially retired since the Rio Olympics. The two times Olympic medallist and three times World champion is back ! He has decided to tease the « Big ones » at the Open weight World Championship in Marrakesh (November 11th-12th). A great Budoka challenge for an exceptional Judoka champion. In exclusivity, Ilias Iliadis tells us why.


By Ludovic Mauchien