Brazilian Jiu Jitsu : he belongs to the 3rd generation of the Gracie family

Clark Gracie : « Fighting is a short part of martial art »

Clark Gracie : « Le combat est une infime partie de l’art martial »

Clark is the eldest son of Carley, the BJJ pioneer in the US, and one of Carlos grandson, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu foundator and Helio’s eldest brother. Among his 150 cousins of this 3e generation, he is one of the most discreet. He is definitely one of the most dedicated to Jiu Jitsu.

Between fighting and teaching, he doesn’t choose. He just loves both. At 33 years old, Clark Gracie became World champion in the Masters last summer. He will be in France this week with his father to give the Adidas seminar in Bayonne, on September 13th.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : Mixed team World championship in Budapest

Results day 7 : Japan by Ippon

Judo : Championnats du monde par équipe à Budapest

After a week of competition, the World championship (August 28th-September 3rd) ended on Sunday in Budapest with the mixed team tournament. As for the individuals, Japan crushed its opponents in this new look competition and finally beat Brazil in the final. France and Korea took the Bronze.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Boxing : AIBA World championships in Hamburg (August 25th to September 2nd)

And the winners are… Cuba and AIBA

And the winners are... Cuba and AIBA

A superb and memorable competition came to a close on Saturday in Hamburg’s sporthalle where the best 243 boxers in the World, from 75 countries, had a date. Ten champions from five countries were crowned. The Cuban team won five golds, while Azerbaijan, France, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan took home one gold medal each. The AIBA, which had signed an exclusive partnership with adidas last June, organized a great and successful event.



Judo : World Championships in Budapest / Day 6

Results day 6 : Japan, Teddy Riner and the others

Judo : Championnats du monde à Budapest / 6e jour

Japan crushed its opponents at these World Championships held in the Budapest Laszlo Sport Arena (August 28th-September 3rd) by winning 7 gold medals, which corresponds to 50% of the total. On Saturday, for the last day of the individual tournament, the French Teddy Riner won his 9th title in a row, Chinese Yu Song her 2nd one and Japanese Wolf her 1st one. Highlights.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : He lost in repechage at the Budapest Worlds (August 28th-September 3rd)

Toma Nikiforov : « I am not satisfied at all »

Judo : Il perd en repêchage aux Mondiaux de Budapest (28 août-3 septembre)

3rd of the 2015 Worlds, the Belgian of Bulgarian origin came to Budapest with great ambitions. But he made a little mistake in the ¼ finals against Dutch Korrel, 3rd of the 2016 European championships, and another one in repechage against Azerbaijani Gasimov, silver medallist at the Rio’s Games, that cost him a Waza ari. Toma Nikiforov can have some regrets…


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : She became the -63 kg World champion in Budapest

Clarisse Agbegnenou : « I have learnt from my mistakes »

Clarisse Agbegnenou : « Encore 4 belles années devant nous… »

They are just inseparable. So, they fight again in the World final, their 5th final in the row. But, this time, Clarisse Agbegnenou got the last word. On Thursday, at the Budapest Laszlo Sport Arena where are held the Judo Worlds (August 28th-September 3rd), the French woman clearly dominated the Slovenian Tina Trstenjak after 4 unsuccessful attempts. Clarisse Agbegnenou won her 2nd World Gold medal, after the 2014 one. She tells us how.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : World Championships in Budapest (August 28th-September 3rd) / Day 5

Results day 5 : Aguiar superstar, Majdov future star

Judo : Championnats du monde à Budapest (28 août-3 septembre) / 5e jour

Brazilian Mayra Aguiar won her 2nd World title (-78 kg) by beating the running Word champion, Japanese Mami Umeki. The achievement of the day was made by young Serbian Majdov (21 years old) who, for his 1st Senior World, won the bet in the -90 kg division. In the -70 kg one, Japanese Chizuru Arai offered to her country its 6th Gold medal.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : World Championships in Budapest (August 28th-September 3rd) / Day 4

Results day 4 : Surprising Wieczerzak, consistent Agbegnenou

Résultats jour 4 : Wieczerzak et Agbegnenou en or

That was their day ! The German Wieczerzak, winner of the Olympic champion Khasan Khalmurzaev in the ½ final, became the new -81 kg World champion on Thursday in Budapest, by beating Italian Marconcini in the final.

On her side, Clarisse Agbegnenou met for the 5th time in a row Slovenian Tina Trstenjak in a world final. Unlike the 3 previous times, the French woman won against her eternal opponent. Highlights of day 4 of the Budapest Worlds.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Judo : He ranks 7th in the Budapest Worlds (August 28th-September 3rd)

Franck De Wit : « I am upset »

Judo : He ranks 7th in the Budapest Worlds (August 28th-September 3rd)

Beaten by the Iranian Mollaei in the ¼ final, Dutchman Frank De Wit, though in a good shape, then lost in the 1st round of the repechage against Mongolian Otgonbaatar on an strange Ippon. He had previously beaten the Georgian Rekhviashvili.

By Ludovic Mauchien

Judo : World Championships in Budapest (August 28th-September 3rd)

An Jeong-Hwan : « We wish to win 3 or 4 medals »

An Jeong-Hwan : « Nous espérons 3 ou 4 médailles »

Thanks to An Changrim, Korea won its first medal on Wednesday, Day 3 of the World championships in Budapest. We met -73 kg the Bronze medallist’s coach, An Jeong-Hwan.


By Ludovic Mauchien