+68 kg : She was beaten in the final by her compatriot Nadege Ait Ibrahim (2-1)

Nancy Garcia : « I didn’t take the initiative »

Alizée Agier : « Ne faut pas oublier l’instinct »

« I am very frustrated about this final. I didn’t take the initiative and I paid the high price. I knew I had to score first. In such a fight, it gives a psychological advantage. But, on the whole, I am happy of my performance in this tournament. I had beaten some top ranks.

-68 kg : She beat the Japanese Someya in the final (4-0)

Alizee Agier : « Never forget instinct »

Alizee Agier : « Never forget instinct »

« I had to master this final. I wanted to impose my rythm. And it worked. I really felt good from the beginning to the end of the fight. There is strategy but we should never forget instinct. That allowed me to get three points with my Mawashi. It’s doubly good to win two times in

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-61 kg : She lost in the final against the World n°1, the Chinese Yin (4-3)

Gwendoline Philippe : « A mistake that costs the Gold »

Gwendoline Philippe : « A mistake that costs the Gold »

« I was quite well managing my game during the fight but I made a little mistake by having a second of inattention on the 2nd Hajime. I didn’t move and she scored. That’s my only mistake. But, after, I did everything to get points but, each time, the referees gave her a point too. I

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-67 kg : He beat the Japanese Shinohara in the final (1-0)

Steven Da Costa : « I cannot act crazy anymore »

Steven Da Costa : « I cannot act crazy anymore »

« Here we go ! It’s done ! I won the Paris Open. It was tough. This final was a very tactical fight. Now, the Japanese know all my karate. They studied me. So, i know I cannot make any mistakes. I cannot act crazy anymore. I know every fight will be decided on one little mistake. I

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-50 kg : Beaten in the final by the vice-champion Miyahara from Japan (7-4)

Alexandra Recchia : « I cannot always win »

Alexandra Recchia : « Je ne peux pas toujours gagner »

« I did the job but her leg turned everything around (Mawashi, 3-5). My work was good, I just had a second of inattention. After, I fliped out a little bit, even if it’s always possible to get back to the score. I cannot always win. I have also to learn to lose (she laughs). I

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Paris Open -75 kg : he lost in the final at the last second

Rafael Aghayev : « I am really disappointed »

Rafaël Aghayev : « Je suis vraiment déçu »

He doesn’t like to lose. And, in the following minutes of his defeat in the Paris Open final against the Japanese Ken Nishimura (2-1), he had a hard time to smile. Usually, a second place at the first tournament of the year, after six months without competition, should satisfy many people. Not him, not the

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Paris Open : +68 kg

A 100% French final

Une finale franco-française

We expected Anne-Laure Florentin, the current n°1 of the division in France. But she failed at the 1st round against the Egyptian Abouismail (3-2). Finally, we will see Nadège Ait Ibrahim, finalist last year, registered with her club, who will be in the final against the youngest of the team, Nancy Garcia, 21 years old,

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Paris Open +84 kg : Qualified for the final

Mehdi Filalli : « I took it easy »

Mehdi Filalli : « Je l’ai pris à la cool »

  He is the youngest in the French team. At only 18 years old, he had just integrated the Olympic training center. After a 3rd place in his first Senio competition in Halle last September, Mehdi Fillali did great on Saturday in the Paris Open. He beat the Azerbaijani Jafarov, then the 2017 Junior European

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Paris Open -84 kg : He lost in the ½ final

Kenji Grillon : « I get frustrated ! »

Kenji Grillon : « Je suis frustré ! »

  Curtly beaten in the ½ final (9-1) by the young Egyptian Elmasry, U21 World champion, the French Kenji Grillon get very frustrated. He has previously beaten the Dutch Petersen (1-0), the Russian Kolikov (1-0) and his compatriot Jessie Da Costa (1-0). « I get frustrated concerning my ½ final. I scored first and, then, they

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