Karate : He won two Golds at the European championships (-67 kg and team)

Karate – Burak Uygur : « All athletes would like that to happen »

Karaté - Burak Uygur : « Tous les athlètes aimeraient que cela leur arrive »

He is the n°1 of the European championships held in Novi Sad (May 10th-13th). European champion for the 2nd year in a row in the -67 kg division, Turkey’s Burak Uygur also won the team title with his country fellowmen. A star is rising.


By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad (Serbia)




Karate : 3rd in -55 kg, 2nd by team at the European championships (May 10th-13th)

Karate – Sara Cardin : « I fought the way I like »

Karaté - Sara Cardin : « J’ai combattu comme j’aime »

She was happy to offer an alert, committed and spectacular karate. Only a small mistake in the semi final against Ukraine’s Terliuga (the future winner) deprives Sara Cardin of the final (-55 kg). But the Italian champion did not fail in the fight for the bronze medal against Germany’s Bitsch. She then won her 5th European medal in six years (gold in 2014 and 2016, silver in 2013 and 2015). A bronze completed by a 2nd place with the Italian team.


By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad (Serbia)


Karate : He won the European championships for the 11th times in Novi Sad

Karate – Rafaël Aghayev : « in the final, I found my Karate again »

Karaté - Rafaël Aghayev : « En finale, j’ai retrouvé mes sensations »

He did it ! He did not feel at his top, and yet, Rafael Aghayev dominated Italy’s Busa and, in the final, Hungary’s Harspatacki to win his... 11th European title and, by doing so, he once more breaks his own record. Congratulations champion !


By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad (Serbia)


Karate : he is qualified for the final at the European championships

Karate – Burak Uygur : « I had very good sensations »

Karate - Burak Uygur : « J’ai eu de très bonnes sensations »

The current European champion has not left much crumbs to his opponents. He notably defeated Italy’s Maresca and Hungary's Tadissi in the ½ final. He will be opposed to Serbia’s Joksic for the Gold (-75 kg) on Saturday.


By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad



Karate : He aims Gold at the European Championships in Novi Sad (May 10th-13th)

Karate – Rafael Aghayev : « I am not 20 years old anymore but I feel very good… »

Karaté - Rafaël Aghayev : « Je n’ai peut-être plus 20 ans mais je me sens très bien… »

Since the first of his ten European titles in 2004, Rafael Aghayev (-75 kg) has never returned empty-handed two years in a row of a European championship. Last season, he was injured. In 2018, he is in top form. Four podiums including two victories (Dubai and Rabat) have sprinkled his way since the beginning of 2018. He is ready to win a... 11th title.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Karate : The World champion is on his way to the Europeans (May 10th-13th)

Karate – Jordan Thomas : « I have prepared something special… »

Karate - Jordan Thomas : « J’ai préparé quelque chose de spécial… »

European champion in 2014 (3rd in 2016), the current World champion (-67 kg) cannot wait to fight at these coming European championships held in Novi Sad (Serbia), from May 10th to 13th. He has trained and worked a lot these last months to be ready for the Olympic qualifications. These Europeans would be a first test for him to see where his improvements can lead him.

By Ludovic Mauchien

Karate : European Championships in Novi Sad (May 10th-13th)

Karate – Enzo Montarello : « I want to show that I have improved »

Karate - Enzo Montarello : « J’ai envie de montrer que j’ai progressé »

He comes a long way. But the turtle has sometimes beaten the rabbit. Currently ranked World n°36, Enzo Montarello started his race against the Olympic clock. In Novi Sad, for the European Championships (May 10th-13th), the French Kata man wants to show that his hard work, filled with questioning, yealds results. The team European champion and World silver medallist aims, at 24, his first individual international medal.


By Ludovic Mauchien



Karate : he is the running European champion (-67 kg)

Karate – Burak Uygur : « Being World n°1 is good for motivation »

Karate - Burak Uygur « Etre n°1 mondial, c’est bon pour la motivation »

At 23 years old, Burak Uygur (-67 kg) will register to the European Championships in Novi Sad (May 10th-13th) as the World n°1 and the reigning European champion. Winner of the Rotterdam Premier League last March, finalist in Dubai in February, the Turkish fighter is ready to keep « his » title...


By Ludovic Mauchien



Karate Combat : technical director of the new full contact Karate League

Karate – Adam Kovacs : « As close as Karate as possible »

Karate - Adam Kovacs : « Aussi proche que possible du Karaté »

Winner of the 2009 World Games, three-times WKF world medallist (2nd in 2004 and 2008, 3rd in 2010), Hungary’s Adam Kovacs is the Karate Combat technical manager. Genesis, ambitions, rules... He enlightens us on the brand new Full contact Karate Professional League.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Showtime avec la « Ligue professionnelle de Full-Contact »

Karate Combat : Aghayev, Poorshab, Mamayev… KO’s in the air !

Karate Combat : Aghayev, Poorshab, Mamayev, Horne... du KO dans l’air !

The news has the effect of a bomb. Social networks quickly carried it away. Karate Combat is born ! A Bloodsport atmosphere, minus JCVD, with KO’s recommended and high bonuses, the « professional full-contact karate league » already signed a hundred fighters, including some great names of Olympic Karate (Aghayev, Poorshab, Mamayev...). Many of the WKF karatekas have been contacted. What do they think of this new circuit ?


By Ludovic Mauchien