Boxing : We met former WBO light-welterweight World champion

Chris Algieri : « We prepare for months, we have 1 hour to shine »

Chris Algieri adidas boxing

Light-welterweight World champion (WBO) in June 2014, thanks to his victory over Russian Provodnikov, Chris Algieri (21-3) then tried his luck in the welterweight division.

Last February, the US champion announced that he was moving back down to the 140 pounds division after 3 losses over 4 fights, 2 of them against… Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan (!).

Member of the Daniel Jacobs’ Team for his fight against Golovkin mid-March, Chris Algieri trained very hard meanwhile. He is ready to fight !


By Ludovic Mauchien


Karate : President of the Azerbaijan federation

Yashar Bashirov : « We expect some medals in the Olympic Games »

rafael aghayev adidas karate

Azerbaijan is the home of Rafael Aghayev, the unique 5 times World individual champion in history. It’s also the n°5 World and n°3 European country in 2016.

With Mamayev, Aliyev, Atamov, Gurbanli, Irina Zaretska…, the fighters of the « Land of Fire » inflame mats for a decade or so.

At the European championships in Kocaeli, we met Yashar Bashirov, the president of the Karate Azerbaijan Federation. He enlightens us on it…


By Ludovic Mauchien


Karate / European Championships : final results

Turkey, the Queen of Europe

Karaté : Championnats d’Europe / Tous les résultats

The tendancy was confirmed on Sunday for the last day of the 52nd European Championships held in Kocaeli. Turkay, by winning over France in the Team Kumite final, established its European leadership. With 13 medals (4 Gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze), it even largely dominated the other nations.

Just behind it, Italy is back on the podium for the 1st time since 2014. Spain, which finishes 3rd, can thank its Kata troops, which brings its 4 medals, including 3 gold.

France finally ranks 5th with only one gold medal (Anne-Laure Florentin) after its 2 defats in Sunday’s fials (male kumite team and female kata team). That’s its worst ranking since 2014.

We should notice that this 2017 edition was quite particular. First, because it comes after a World championship and, as usual, time has come to renew teams and test young karatekas. Secondly, it was the last big competition before the setting up of the Olympic ranking which will start at the beginning of 2018 by the Paris Open. Many countries have already start their renewal in order to see Tokyo.


By our special correspondent in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien

Karate : European Championships / Male Team Kata

The French Kata team in bronze

Kata par équipe masculin

They obviously came to Kocaeli to win the Gold medal. Running European champions, silver medallists in the World championships, Lucas Jeannot, Ahmed Zemouri and Enzo Montarello recovered from their disappointment of their 1st round lose to go and get the bronze, their 4th medal in four occurences. The trait of great champions.


By our special correspondant in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien


Karate / European Championships

Turkey is leading, Italy is following

Karaté : Championnats d’Europe

At the end of the 3rd and last but one day of the 52nd European Championships held in Kocaeli (Turkey), Turkey is leading the dance with 11 medals including 3 Gold ones, ahead of Italy (6 medals, 2 Gold ones), Ukraine (5 medals, 2 gold ones), Spain (2 gold medals in Kata) and France (5 medals, 1 Gold).

On Sunday, for the ultimate finals, France and Turkey will be opposed in Team Kumite, France and Italy in female Kata, Italy and Spain in male team Kata.

By our special correspondent in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien.


Karate / European championships

Alizee Agier : « This is my 1st European medal »

Karaté / Championnats d’Europe

The 2014 World champion, Alizee Agier, against the 2016 World champion, who is also the 2015 European champion and the 2016 finalist, Austrian Alisa Buchinger. What a final !

By our special correspondent in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien


European champion in +68 kg

Anne-Laure Florentin : « I am very, very happy »

Championne d’Europe des +68 kg

Opposed to Turkish Hocaoglu, 2015 European runner-up, the French acted as the boss on the mat during the final of these European championships held in Kocaeli. Nevertheless, the job wasn’t scheduled to be easy. But Anne-Laure Florentin scored right at the beginning of the match thanks to a Maite and she succeeded in managing her narrow lead until the end despite the public pressure. She thus won her 2nd continental title in only 2 participations.


By our special correspondent in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien

Karate : European championships / Female Kumite

It will be Turkey vs Ukraine

Karaté : Championnats d’Europe / Kumite femmes

These 52nd European championships will finally lead to an unprecedented final in the female Kumite. Turkey, 2012 and 2014 European champion, 3rd in 2015 and 2016, will be opposed to the surprising Ukraine, which never won a medal at this level.

But Ukrainians totally deserve to be in the final by beating, among others, the World champion, France. The French can eventually take solace with a bronze medal if they dominate Slovenia. The other medal will be played between Germany and Slovakia.


By our special correspondent in Kocaeli (Turkey), Ludovic Mauchien