KARATE – K1 Rabat : Horne and Kneer for bronze
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KARATE – K1 Rabat : Horne et Kneer pour le bronze

It is these kind of decisions that are unquestionable as they are mysterious. That taken by the referees to the advantage of Turkey’s Yamanoglu at the expense of Jonathan Horne in the ½ final are part of that one. Not that it is unfair but so (un)lucky. The flags would have risen in favor of the World champion that nobody would have been more (or less) surprised.

But it is the Turk, not the German, who will play the victory against Iran’s Ganjzadeh on Sunday. Too bad however, because it makes us miss a remake of the last World final. Jonathan Horne, sick a week ago, was finally happy to go so far in the competition. To leave Morocco with a second medal in a row (he was finalist last year), he will have to beat Portugal’s Reis.

His young compatriot Johanna Kneer was rather disappointed. She had the good feelings. She thought it was her day. And she was not the only one so much she showed control and daring. Winner of World champion Irini Zaretska (2-0) and Egypt’s Abdelaziz in the ¼ final with a scathing 6-1, she unfortunately missed herself in the ½ final against Ukraine’s Melnyk (0-4 ). However, she has the opportunity to win her 8th Karate 1 medal. To do so, she will have to dominate Greece’s Panetsidou.


Sunday’s finals




Final: Samdan (Tur) vs Assadilov (Kaz)

Bronze: Crescenzo (Ita) vs Sago (Jap)

Saymatov (Uzb) vs Minami (Jap)



Final: Uygur (Tur) vs Elsawy (Egy)

Bronze: Abdelgawad (Egy) vs. Shinohara (Jap)

Funahashi (Jap) vs Nakano (Jap)



Final: Horuna (Ukr) vs Asiabari (Irn)

Bronze: Nakamura (Jap) vs Nishimura (Jap)

  1. Da Costa (Fra) vs Aghayev (Aze)


-84 kg

Final: Chobotar (Ukr) vs Araga (Jap)

Bronze: Aktas (Tur) vs Poorshab (Irn)

Chikhmarev (Kaz) vs Jakupi (Mcd)


+84 kg

Final: Yamanoglu (Tur) vs Ganjzadeh (Irn)

Bronze: Horne (Ger) vs Reis (Por)

Abazari (Irn) vs Mahmoud (Egy)



Final: Kiyuna (Jap) vs Quintero (Spa)

Bronze: Shimbaba (Jap) vs Ozdemir (Tur)

Busato (Ita) vs Moto (Jap)


Kata team

Final: Russia vs Turkey

Bronze: Morocco 1 vs Algeria 1

Morocco 2 vs Algeria 2



-50 kg

Final: Ozcelik (Tur) vs. Sayed (Egy)

Bronze: Plank (Aut) vs Ku (Tpe)

Kulinkovich (Blr) vs Tsukii (Phi)



Final: Terliuga (Ukr) vs Wen (Tpe)

Bronze: Agung (Ina) vs Yakan Tuba (Tur)

Yamada (Jap) vs Khaksar (Irn).



Final: Yin (Chn) vs Lotfy (Egy)

Bronze: Philippe (Fra) vs Heurtault (Fra)

Sivert (Fra) vs Someya (Jap)



Final: Melnyk (Ukr) vs Quirici (Sui)

Bronze: Kneer (Ger) vs Panetsidou (Gre)

Someya (Jap) vs Bratic (Can)


+68 kg

Final: Hocaoglu (Tur) vs Quintal (Mex)

Bronze: Saito (Jap) vs Abbasli (Irn)

Torres Gracia (Spa) vs Atif (Alg) or Jami (Tun)



Final: Shimizu (Jap) vs Sanchez Jaime (Spa)

Bronze: Grace Lau (HK) vs. Eltemur (Tur)

Ono (Jap) vs Bottaro (Ita)


Kata team

Final: Russia vs Italy

Bronze: Russia 2 vs Slovakia


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