KARATE – Euro 2019 : Busa, Horne and Da Costa champions !
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KARATE - Euro 2019 : Busa, Horne et Da Costa champions !

1-0. It was by the smallest margin that Luigi Busa dominated his eternal rival Rafael Aghayev on Saturday, in the final of the European championships (March 28-31). The 5-time World champion will have to wait before winning a possible 11th title, which made him cried a lot. The next European championships taking place in Baku, in his home country, next March, we can hope that if tears in 2020, they will be of happiness. In any case, a new duel between these two karate giants is of course expected.

Luigi Busa won his sixth European championship title as did Jonathan Horne, who, after razor-sharp playoffs, was able to impose his tactical mastery to dominate Serbia’s Bitevic in the final (4-1). World champion in November, European champion in March, look no further for the heavyweight boss.

Another athlete has achieved this immense performance, that is a double “Europe-World”, Steven Da Costa (-67 kg). And with the manner ! At only 22 years old (since January), the French is increasingly becoming the worthy successor of Rafael Aghayev as star of international karate. Undefeated since the Worlds, he hit hard in Spain, a domination symbolized by his 10-1 in the final against Montenegro’s Hodzic !

For Sophia Bouderbane (-50 kg), this is her first continental title. And for good reason… She had not been selected to an Euro for 5 years. For a comeback, we can talk about a successful one ! After eliminating the Turkish world champion Ozcelik, she easily disposed of Austria’s Plank in the final (5-0).

The ultimate Tricolor gold medal is the work of the 2014 World champion, Alizee Agier. She had never won at the European level, it’s done ! Winner of Switzerland’s title holder Quirici, she is back !




  1. Plakhutin (Rus)
  2. Crescenzo (Ita)
  3. Samdan (Tur) and Pavlolv (Fyr)



1. Da Costa (Fra)
2. Hodzic (Mng)
3. Tadissi (Hun) and Pokorny (Aut)


1. Busa (Ita)
2. Aghayev (Aze)
3. Horuna (Ukr) and Kellaway (Eng)


1. Aktas (Tur)
2. Isakau (Blr)
3. Kvesic (Cro) and Malovic (Mne)


1. Horne (Ger)
2. Bitevic (Srb)
3. Kvesic (Cro) and Gurbanli (Aze)


1. Quintero (Spain)
2. Sofuoglu (Tur)
3. Heydarov (Aze) and Busato (Ita)



1. Bouderbane (Fra)
2. Plank (Aut)
3. Ozcelik (Tur) and Milivojcevic (Ser)


1. Warling (Lux)
2. Yakan (Tur)
3. Connell (Eco) and Goranova (Bul)


1. Coban (Tur)
2. Ristic (Slo)
3. Serogina (Ukr) and Suchankova (Svk)


1. Agier (Fra)
2. Quirici (Sui)
3. Semeraro (Ita) and Pedersen (Dan)


1. Palacio (Spa)
2. Chatziliadou (Gre)
3. Keinanen (Fin) and Hocaoglu (Tur)


Team Kumite
1. Ukraine
2. Turkey
3. Italy and Germany


1. Sanchez (Spa)
2. Botaro (Ita)
3. Feracci (Fra) and Eltemur (Tur)


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