KARATE – Europeans 2019 / Jonathan Horne : « To get my 6th gold medal »

KARATE - Euro 2019 / Jonathan Horne : « Gagner ma 6e médaille d’or »

Reigning World heavyweight champion and world n°1, Jonathan Horne has a long history with the European championships. 5 gold and 3 bronze medals have marked his career. His last title dates back to 2016 but the German fighter has never appeared so strong and is targets to win a 6th title in Guadalajara (March 28-31).


By Ludovic Mauchien


What’s new ? Are you happy with your preparation ?

Nothing is new. Everything is fine. I have a good preparation this year.


How do you feel your karate ? What are your sensations ?

I think I will be able to fight the right way and to get a new medal at the Europeans.


What are your ambitions for these Europeans ?

To get my 6th gold medal.


You won 5 Gold and 3 bronze. How do you motivate yourself ?

For me, it’s like every tournament and I want to win all the time. So I don’t need a special motivation. Nothing changed. I still want to be the best and always prove it to myself.


You are the running World champion (and World n°1). Does it give you more strenght or more « problems » ?

I’m still Jonathan and it’s the same feeling. Every tournament is a new tournament.


Since your World title, you won Shanghai in the wake and, then, in Paris and Dubai, you missed the podium. What is your analysis of these performances ?

Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That’s sport. In Paris, I was not in shape and, in Dubai, I missed it because of contact. And that could happen.


In Dubai, you lost against Filali. You become inseparable… Is he your main opponent ?

No. He is a good fighter but not my main opponent.


What would be a dreamt final for you ?

I already got my dream final last year in Madrid (against Iran’s Ganjzadeh).


If I say Paris 2024, what comes to your mind ?

I’m sad they decided that karate is no longer an Olympic sport. That’s not fair.