KARATE – Vinicius Figueira : « I am sad but vice World champion is not a bad result »

Karaté : Open de Paris Premier League

KARATE - Vinicius Figueira : « I am sad but vice World champion is not a bad result »

Vinicius Figueira has just experienced an extraordinary year, the most beautiful of his career. Panamerican champion, vice-world champion, 3 Karate 1 finals, 1st in the world ranking, 2nd in the Olympic one, the Brazilian fighter (-67 kg) is at the height of his form. Still saddened by his defeat in the Madrid Worlds’ final against Steven Da Costa, he looks at 2019 and the Paris Open (January 25-27) with great ambitions.


Par Ludovic Mauchien

How do you analyse your world final almost 3 months after ?

I think it was a great fight, one of the best of the event. Unfortunately, it was not the result I wanted, but I know that my opponent is a great athlete.


What is your main feeling : happy with a silver medal or frustrated because you didn’t win ?

I am sad that I am not the World champion. Only me know how important this is for me. But I am aware that being vice World champion is not a bad result and tells me that I am on the way to be World champion one day.


What have you done since ?

I kept training. I participated in the Shanghai Series A (silver medal). Then, I spent time with my family. Now, I am ready for the coming competitions.


The season is going to be very long. How is your preparation scheduled ?

My preparation is made by the national federation. We’ll participate in all Karate 1 events. So, this year, I will stay in Europe between the tournaments.


How do you consider this Paris Premier League ?

I think it is one of the best Premier League. It’s a big dream to get a Paris PL medal. Moreover, it is important to earn points for the Olympic ranking.


What are your main goals for this year ?

This year, the most important is to earn points to get qualified for the Olympics and to win the Pan-American Games.