Karate : Paris Open Premier League


Jonathan Horne has just lived a crazy year 2018, his best in his career ! 6 podiums in Karate 1, including 2 wins, and a World heavyweight title won in Madrid in early November. At 30, the German fighter has never been so fit. World n°1 and, above all, n°1 in the Olympic ranking, Jonathan Horne is now the man to beat. His hobbies, his training, the Karate he loves... He reveals a bit of himself...


By Ludovic Mauchien


What do you like to do besides Karate ?

I like to go to the cinema, hang around with friends, play bowling, billiard… I like to play poker. I prefer to go outside, to the nature. So I try to do a lot of stuff besides Karate, do a lot of things with my friends, my family, That’s what I like in my life, to do what I want to do.


Why did you choose Karate ?

Karate is a philosophy. It’s a lifestyle. I practice since I am 5. It’s my all life. I like the mental behind it, I like the story behind it. So, Karate is, for me, everything.


Can you tell us about your training ?

Probably, I train everyday until Sunday. Because Sunday is my free day. Twice, maybe three times a day, not everyday but two times in a week, I train 3 times per day. The most is Karate, in the morning and, in the afternoon, it’s more athletic.


What is your favorite place in Germany ?

My favorite place in Germany is my hometown, But if I have to choose a city, it’s Flensburg. I like it there. It’s small, beautiful, with historical houses. You’ve got the sea, a park place, which is really beautiful, especially in the summer. It’s quiet, like my hometown, but a little bit more beautiful.


After your Karate career, what would you like to do ?

I did not decide yet. But I think I will always stay in Karate, maybe as a home coach, or national coach. I will see in a couple of years but my heart is Karate so I think I will stay in Karate.


What do you like the most in Karate ?

The most… is the people in Karate. It’s like a family. You know each other. It depends… Even if you are on the tatami you fight against each other, that’s OK. But, after, most are friends. They talk with each other, They… I just cannot explain… It’s a small family. You see a lot of countries, a lot of different cultures, a lot of different people. It’s a communication between the people. I like it.


What is your vibe when you practice ?

I like that everyday is different. You do the same technique but in another way. You do it like more special for your feeling, more just for the technique, to get the technique better. Besides, you’ve got different styles of Karate, so you can switch between Kata, Kumite, Jyu Ippon Kumite… Everything. It’s like a burning to choose everyday something else.


What would you say to a teenager that dream to be a champion ?

What can I tell him ?… To show him the different styles, to show him the different way you can do Karate, mentally and physically, what is behind Karate, what is good in Karate for your life, the philosophy, the people… It’s multicultured, so it’s including everyone. There is no one aside.

It’s not like football where you are just in the front, the back, or you are goalkeeper. You do everything and you do it together, so it’s more special.