KARATE – Burak Uygur : « From now on, every competition is a goal »

Karate – Paris Premier League

KARATE - Burak Uygur : « From now on, every competition is a goal »

Two-time running European champion, European and vice-world team champion, Turkey’s Burak Uygur (-67 kg) did not make his dream come true in the Madrid’s World championships last November. After beating in the 1st the defending champion, England’s Jordan Thomas, he lost to Hasanov (Aze).

As a result, despite he is World n°2 (-67 kg), he appears only at the 23rd rank of the Olympic ranking (-60 kg and -67 kg). No worries but no time to waste either. The Paris Open (January 25-27) is already a priority goal...


By Ludovic Mauchien


What happened at the Madrid’s World championships ?

I lost… Actually, I could be champ’ in Spain. If you check my team matches’ performance, you can see that. But, for the individuals, I wasn’t good enough on D day. I am working on it. Consecutive days, different performances…


What did you miss ?

Everything seemed to be OK concerning physical condition, fitness, Karate trainings and even fighting. But it was the World championships. Sometimes, the name of a tournament can put you under pressure. Sometimes, you cannot feel good in the matches day. But, if you want to be World champion, you need to win all your fights, even in your worst day.


Is it difficult to go back training when you know such a deception ?

No, never ! Karate is my all life.


What have you done since ?

First of all, relax. It is a part of a fighter’s life. Then, I have kept going on my trainings for the coming competitions.


The season is going to be very long. How is your preparation scheduled ?

My all schedule is what my trainer wants from me. If he says : « training », I train. If he says : « fight », I fight. If he says : « relax », I relax.


How do you consider this Paris Premier League ?

Every competition gives points for Tokyo 2020. So every competition is a goal for me from now on. There is no more « step by step ». This period has ended. My main goal is Tokyo 2020.