KARATE – Champion’s ticks and tricks

Karaté : Madrid worlds (6-11 november).

KARATE - Les habitudes des champions

Do they have a talisman ? A morning ritual the day of the competition ? What music do they listen to during the warm-up ?... The champions of the adidas team on their way to the World Championships in Madrid (November 6-11) reveal their little tricks.


By Ludovic Mauchien


Talisman ?

Sara Cardin : I am not very superstitious.

Valeria Kumizaki : No, I haven’t any talisman. I bring with me a religious things and I pray to me be calm.

Amir Mehdizadeh : Never ! I don’t believe in something like this.


Un rituel le matin ?

Sara Cardin : I have my habits as to warm me in a silent and cold corridor and how to always tighten my tail before entering the tatami

Valeria Kumizaki : No. But I don’t like to talk so much and I try be focused until competition.

Amir Mehdizadeh : No, I do everything like it is another day because nothing change. I just have to do all things well like training session


Musique ?

Valeria Kumizaki : Sometimes yes, sometimes not. I try put happy music with good vibe.

Amir Mehdizadeh : Actually no. I listen to music just once a while, for instance when I am driving. I listen music from Enrique Iglesias.


La nuit avant le tournoi : cauchemar ou rêve ?

Valeria Kumizaki : Sometimes I sleep well, sometimes I am awake all time. I think it’s because of jet lag

Amir Mehdizadeh :The night before the fight, I always review my tactics and technique and I just focus on myself not anybody else.


Tsuki ou Geri ?

Jonathan Horne : Tsuki.

Sara Cardin : Tzuki and Geri ! I like all the Karate techniques

Valeria Kumizaki : Geri.

Amir Mehdizadeh : Both.

Johanna Kneer : Geri.

Jordan Thomas : Geri.