KARATE – Ayumi Uekusa : « In Madrid to win »

Karate : She has just joined the adidas team

KARATE - Ayumi Uekusa : « A Madrid pour gagner »

She just joined the adidas Team before the World championships in Madrid (November 6-11). Japan’s Ayumi Uekusa, 26 years old, World champion, Asian champion, has 25 medals in 27 competitions since 2012 ! One of the best of the Karate planet !!!


By Ludovic Mauchien


What does that mean for you to be part of the adidas team ?

I am very happy and honored to be able to represent adidas. It’s a big company and a big brand. I am all the more honored because I am the first Japanese karateka to join the adidas team.


What are your ambitions at the World championships in Madrid ?

Of course, I am going to Madrid to win.


What/who do you fear most for the World championships? Yourself ?

Yes, I am first afraid of myslef. I will try to show what I can do and I will do my best. I will do my best to win.


How does it feel to be Grand Winner for the 2nd time ? What does that mean for you ?

I worked a lot and prepared all my tournaments well. I train to respond to any situation, any opponent. My challenge, my goal is to win the gold medal at the Olympics. I do everything for.


You won 25 medals in 27 competitions since 2012. The 2 competitions without medals were this year (Paris and Istanbul). How do you explain it ?

It was the first time in my life that I lost in the first round. In addition, it happened to me twice this year. It was very humiliating even though I knew I had weaknesses at that time. But that will serve me as teaching to strengthen me. From now on, I want to keep winning.