Karate – Amir Mehdizadeh : « To be a 3rd time World champion »

KARATE - Amir Mehdizadeh : « Etre une 3e fois champion du monde »

KARATE - Amir Mehdizadeh : « Etre une 3e fois champion du monde »

He made himself discreet in 2018, preferring the shadow of the training halls to the lights of the competitions. Only five tournaments, punctuated by a success at the K1 in Istanbul, an Asian Games final and a 3rd place in Berlin (-60 kg). For what reasons ? To be ready on D-Day. And time has come for the two-time World champion (2012, 2016) and two-time champion of Asia (2015, 2017). Iran’s Amir Mehdizadeh is at the peak of his shape...


By Ludovic Mauchien


How do you feel with the World championships coming up (November 6-11) ?

It has been a really hard season. Every month, there was a tournament and I have to lose weight and keep my body in good shape. But I have a big goal : the Olympics. It worths it to bear hard conditions.


Are you satisfied with your preparation ? What was its schedule ?

Yes, I had a really good preparation until now. The World championship is more important than any other tournament for everyone and, of course, for me also. Actually in my country, we are in camps around 8 months a year. I choose my competitions and I then do the best training before it. Afterwards, I try to keep my body in shape, a professional athlete can’t be always on his peak.


What is your main goal in your mind at the Worlds : getting points for the Olympics or be a 3rd time World champion ?

Actually both ! Because if you want to be in the Olympics, I need many points and the World championship is the best way to get some. But, of course, my goal is to be World champion for the3rd time. I am ready and I am really exciting. I can’t wait.


Which title do you prefer, the 1st one in Paris (2012) or the 2nd one in Linz (2016) ?

It’s a hard question. Actually I love the Paris one, that moment, that experience… It was my first participation and I won gold ! It was really, really a crazy result for me. But I also love Linz because you can be World champion one time but it’s event more difficult to repeat it. I did it in Linz. For me, it was amazing.