KARATE – The 2018 Grand Winners are Aghayev, Cardin, Horne and Uygur !

Aghayev, Cardin, Horne and Uygur are in !

Karaté : les Grand Winners 2018 sont Aghayev, Cardin, Horne et Uygur !

12 winners, 4 members of the adidas Team ! Sara Cardin (-55 kg), Burak Uygur (-67 kg), Rafael Aghayev (-75 kg) and Jonathan Horne (+84 kg) are the 2018 Grand Winners of their respective categories. The French team also places two athletes with Gwendoline Philippe (-61 kg) and Alizee Agier (-68 kg).


By Ludovic Mauchien


The Grand Winners are the best of the best, those who have shone in the 2018 Premier League, the most regular of the season who won the K1 ranking. The recognition has just been awarded after the 7th and last tournament of the year in Tokyo, that took place last weekend. Among the lucky winners are Sara Cardin (-55 kg), Burak Uygur (-67 kg), Rafael Aghayev (-75 kg) and Jonathan Horne (+84 kg).

Sara Cardin won the K1 of Dubai and Istanbul and finished 3rd in Berlin. Burak Uygur (see also his interview) won in Rotterdam and Tokyo and was finalist in Dubai. As for Rafael Aghayev, he won this ranking for the first time thanks to his wins in Dubai and Rabat, his finals in Paris and Berlin and his 3rd place in Rotterdam. As we mey supposed looking at his records, the final stage of Tokyo counted for nothing as the five-time World champion had so much taken the lead.

Jonathan Horne has not finessed the situation either with 5 medals in the Premier League this season. An impressive regularity only entangled by the color of the metals : 1 gold medal, 2 finals, 2 bronzes.

Only three Karatekas managed to win the ranking for the second year in a row : Sandra Sanchez (Kata) of Spain, Serap Ozcelik of Turkey (-50 kg) and Ayumi Uekusa of Japan (+68 kg). Turkey, with 4 representatives (Samdan, Uygur, Aktas and Ozcelik), leads the nation’sranking ahead of Japan and France. The French team is represented by Gwendoline Philippe (two victories in Rotterdam and Tokyo, a final in Paris and two third places in Rabat and Berlin) and Alizee Agier (three wins in Paris, Dubai and Tokyo). Congratulations to them !


The 2018 ranking


-60 kg : Eray Samdan (Tur)

-67 kg : Burak Uygur (Tur)

-75 kg : Rafael Aghayev (Aze)

-84 kg : Ugur Aktas (Tur)

+84 kg : Jonathan Horne (Ger)

Kata : Ryo Kiyuna (Jap)



-50 kg : Serap Ozcelik (Tur)

-55 kg : Sara Cardin (Ita)

-61 kg : Gwendoline Philippe (Fra)

-68 kg : Alizée Agier (Fra)

+68 kg : Ayumi Uekusa (Jap)

Kata : Sandra Sanchez (Spa)