JUDO – An Changrim : « To become n°1 is such a great feeling »

Judo : He is the new -73 kg World champion !

JUDO - An Changrim : « To become n°1 is such a great feeling »

C’est l’exploit du jour ! A Bakou, An Changrim est devenu champion du monde (-73 kg) en infligeant un Ippon au Japonais Soichi Hashimoto, champion du monde en titre, en finale. Médaillé de bronze en 2015 et 2017, finaliste des Jeux d’Asie fin août, le Coréen a enfin touché le Graal à 24 ans. Impressionnant tout au long de la journée, An Changrim a bien mérité son titre.


Par Ludovic Mauchien à Bakou


What is your feeling after your victory over Japan’s Hashimoto ?

I am very happy because I always wanted to taste the feeling of being World champion. To become n°1 is such a great feeling.


How did you approach this final against the running World champion ?

Actually, I had no thoughts what so ever. I just went to the mat and fight.


Your preparation was it different from usual ?

There were some training techniques I did differently but it was mainly about mental things. Usually, I go to fights quite under stress but, this time, I went to the match relax.


Can you tell us about the action that you did to win in the final (Ko-Soto) ?

There was not so much thought. My body just moved in a natural way.