Audrey Tcheumeo : « 6 months of holidays, 15 kg to lose… A good start ! »

Judo : The -78 kg Rio Olympic runner-up won the Paris Grand Slam

Judo : Grand Slam de Paris / bilan du 1er jour

She did them all ! From an Ippon in a 24 seconds’ time and a 7 minutes final with nothing happening, but 5 Shido. The endless suspense ? It consisted to guess which one, the Japanese or the French, was going to be penalized by a 3rd Shido and, thus, lost the match.

It would be Sato. Audrey Tcheumeo still laughs about it. 6 months of holidays, 15 kg to lose in a 2 weeks’ time, and she wins ! With a good sense of humour, « Tchoum » tells us about her 3rd victory at the Paris Grand Slam (February 11th-12th). Just a delight…


By Ludovic Mauchien





Did you have fun during the final ?

Let’s say it was quite difficult. It was very strategic. She had studied very carefully. But I didn’t quit as I sometimes do in this kind of situation. I kept moving forward. I kept fighting. That’s a good point. I just came back from 6 months of holidays, and I had 15 kg to lose in a 2 weeks’ time… I think I made a good start. It’s even a perfect issue (she bursts out laughing) !


It was a strange final, wasn’t it ?

It was totally tactical. You know, the girls know me very well. I have been on the international circuit for more than 6 years. So, obviously, I cannot score Ippon each time. Moreover, she (Sato) worked a special sequence for me.

It always the same with her. I was used to score her Ippon all the time but, as time goes on, she is more careful with hands. Moreover, she was all the time pushing me.


On the mat, did you wonder who was going to take the 3rd Shido, as everybody did ?

Strangely, I knew the penalty would be for here. It has to be. Sincerely, she deserved it for a long time. She just kept pushing me all the time. Thanks God, it didn’t fall upon me (she laughs).


But, in ½ final, you scored again with an amazing O Soto…

For me, this ½ final was going to be the hardest fight. The Korean (Park Yujin) kicks you all the time, hits you with her arms… I told myself : « eh, Tchoum, you go, you don’t care and… I did go (she laughs) » (she won after 24 seconds).


What are your goals for 2017 ?

In short term, the European championships. In long term, the World ones. I now work with Lucie Decosse. It’s new way of training. I like it.

That has made a big difference for me because Cathy (Fleury), it was like my mum, she is everything in my Judo. When she left, I had a stroke of blues.

Lucie softened the situation. She talked to me and made me understand different things. I am happy to work with her. This is quite special because she is my friend. It’s cool.