Brandon Walensky : “submissions!”

BJJ : 5 keys to know the double world champion.


5 questions, 5 keys to understand who is Brandon Walensky, double world champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (2013 and 2015) in brown belt. At 24, the Clark Gracie’s assistant is scheduled for a golden future.

Judo or BJJ ?

I prefer BJJ because of submissions, even though Judo has submissions as well, it is more focused on throws and takedowns.


Gi or No Gi ?

I love the Gi and I will always prefer the Gi. But it happens that I am better in No Gi because of the ability to create scrambles and, moreover, it compliments my game a lot more.


Submission ?

When I think about the word submission, I think about the triangle because it’s my favourite technique.


Clark Gracie ?

He is my professor, my friend and my role model. I respect him a lot and I am proud to represent him.


Guadalajara ?

Both of my parents are born in Guadalajara. I feel at home when I go there. I love the people and the food.


By Ludovic Mauchien