Brandon Walensky : “Brave and gifted”


Brandon Walensky

Brandon Walensky is a lucky man ! But he is not only, of course. In fact, he is mainly brave and gifted. He is first lucky because he could begin Judo (at 12) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (at 16) with Mister Paulo Fernando himself, in San Diego (California). The Mestre will give him his Judo black belt and his purple one in BJJ the same day of 2011.


Brave, because perseverance is a key word of his life, as well as honesty. At 24 (he is born on April 5th 1992), he takes his time without losing it. He is not yet a black belt. He will soon, undoubtedly. But he doesn’t want to jump the lines. He likes BJJ too much to disrespect it.

Gifted, he definitely is. As soon as 2009, for his 1st year of competition (blue belt), Brandon Walensky (5 feet 11 inches ; 155 lbs) wins the US Nationals and the Pan Americans in Gi. At the Worlds, he ranks 3rd in Gi and 2nd in No Gi (IBJJF).

In 2011-2012, as a purple belt, he wins 5 tournaments, among them the NAGA (Gi + No Gi) and the Los Angeles Open (Gi). He also ranks 3rd of the « Abu Dhabi trials ». In 2013, he gained his brown belt. But he doesn’t need a year of adjustement ! He is especially brilliant in No Gi, in which he becomes… world champion ! He also wins the US Nationals again (he ranks 3rd in Gi).

In 2014, he becomes Clark Gracie’s student, with who he goes alongside since 2011. The same year, he finishes 3rd at the worlds. Last year, in 2015, Brandon Walensky is again crowned world champion in No Gi (IBJJF). And he is only 24…

By Ludovic Mauchien