Kick-Boxing Glory 28

Rico Verhoeven

Rico Verhoeven is ready !

The Dutch star, Rico Verhoeven, will defend his world champion title for the 6th time tomorrow in the AccorHotels Arena in Paris against Croatian Mladen Brestovac. It smells a KO 1st round, like in his former fight…

By Ludovic Mauchien


He arrived in Paris on Thursday, with his staff. On Friday, he went to the weigth in as always : very cool and placid, without a slight of arrogance. It’s not the style of the world heavy weight champion, considered today as the best kick-boxer of the planet.

Rico Verhoeven (26 years old ; 1,96 m ; 117 kg) is a cool strenght. With 9 victories in 10 fights since 2012, la Dutch star doesn’t know what pressure is. His only defeat ? A Chinese robbery which occurred on January 2015 in Kunlun Fight in Nanjing against Bielorussian Gerasimshuk. So we can say that he is undeafeated since his fight against Mister Semmy Schilt himself on Glory 4 in Tokyo on December 31st 2012.

“For me, it was a really inspiring fight, mentally speaking”, tells us Rico. “It gave me the mental strength to know I was capable of being a champion. I lost by decision and Semmy Schilt just knocked so many guys out. So it was like : “hey, if this guy doesn’t knock me out, who will ?”

Since, nobody ! And, to be sure that his successes cannot be contested or discussed, Rico Verhoeven accepts to take his opponents a 2nd time. Thus, our man dominated twice Errol Zimmerman in June 2013 and February 2015 (after one initial defeat on January 2012), Daniel Ghita in October 2013 and June 2014, and Benjamin Adegbuyi last June (decision) and last December (KO 1st round).

Raised to a Kick-Boxing colored by Kyokushin Karate developped by his father, the heavyweight champion defends this time his title against Croatian Mladen Brestovac (32 years old, 1,98 m, 118 kg), a new comer in the Glory arena (1 victory over Jahfarr in 2014, 1 defeat by TKO against Adegbuyi in October 2015).

The Croatian fighter, who comes from Muay thaï, holds a card of 49 victories, 10 defeats and 1 draw. Elected fighter of the year 2013in Croatia, he is know for his hard hit. But Rico Verhoeven doesn’t care. He never focuses on his opponents’ profile. He doesn’t even know for sure Brestovac’s one. He rather serenely develops his own boxing.

« I am confident. I made a good preparation. I am in good shape. I will do my job », he declares on Friday, the day before his fight. His preparation ? 3 to 4 hours a day. “On Monday, I start early in the morning with a conditioning kick-boxing training. Late in the afternoon, I do power training. On Tuesday, I do sparring and, in the evening, I do running. On Wednesday, I do power training. On Thursday, I do sparring and speed. On Friday, I do boxing training and conditioning. On Saturday, I do power training. And on Sunday, I do running and speed work. With my coach (Dennis Krauweel), we have a certain way to prepare ourselves and it works for me. I think I have the right way to get fit.”

It seems to ! With 47 victories and 10 defeats, Rico Verhoeven is not afraid by anybody. Trained by Peter Fury in Boxing, Tyson Fury’s father, (the Klitschko winner and the new world heavy weight world champion in boxing), the new Dutch lumberjack has his « game plan » for tomorrow  : win by KO on the 1st round. Bets are open…